Who We Are?

Pakistan Society Of Research & Business Development JOURNAL

PSRB , Professional Skills Recognition Board, which was supposed to act  as capacity building training & certifications and have stopped all types of training certifications due to lack of funds and donations. It is to noted that PSRB was not charging for its certifications as these were non academic in nature and were meant only for the development Pakistani Professionals to get jobs and promotion at least in the private sector or overseas. Pakistan Society Of Research & Business Development as a Research Journal and continues to work for professional development in the Field of academic & professional research to open a gate for the policy makers ,including academicians, scientists, intellectuals and All types of high profile professionals in various govt & private institutions. It is on way to get ISSN number & other requisites.

Mission & Vision:

To contribute to the security and professional development of Pakistanis and create culture of awareness of research.

Mission & Vision:

The establishment of PSRBD will prove a hall mark in the development of research & businesses. It will contribute it’s input to the development of Pakistani Society, with major focus on bringing sustainable development in all segments of the country. Security of the state and curbing extremism is the other mission of this research journal.